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This website forms a map over all major poker rooms out there. Here you can find independent poker rooms, poker rooms with licensed software but independent traffic and poker rooms that are mere skins on various poker networks. We feature all the facts: the player traffic, the bonuses and the corporate details. In our stand alone poker room reviews you can also find out which one of the poker rooms that has the best software, tournaments or support. This website covers everything that concerns the poker rooms and you will be a highly educated poker player once you have finished reading our material.

We, the people behind this poker room mapping project, are two successful and well traveled poker players that have decided to imprint the essential geography of poker onto a single website on the world wide web. And the result you can see is not just a map for beginners. Far from it. Even professionals will find uses for it. There is a lot to keep track of in the world of poker and vital facts can easily elude or slip the sharpest of minds.